Let’s begin

I take photos.

Make that lots of photos.  I love capturing the world as I see it – through my looking-glasses.  My husband has challenged me to actually USE the photos I take this year as something other than a screensaver that makes us both drift off mid-sentence while we watch it.  So I’m doing two things.

Firstly, I’ve decided to keep a photo journal.  I’m choosing my favourite photo I take each day and I’ll print them off and stick them into a Kikki-K 365 journal.  

Secondly, I’ve created this photo-blog.  I’ll update it as often as I can with photos I take and an explanation of each one.  This will probably float around on the interweb for a long time without garnering notice, but I’m going to enjoy doing it.  I’ve always loved journalling – this is just a more public way of doing that.

So here we go!


I love taking photos of scenery for one simple reason – it doesn’t tend to move.  It’s hard to make stunning flowers like this look bad.  So I’m starting off with these amazing frangipanis I found while we were out walking.  

They smelt heavenly.  They looked like they were straight out of Hawaii.  They were right in the centre of suburban Sydney.  It was a moment of escapism and I loved it.  I couldn’t take the whole tree home with me, so I took the photo.

So that’s it – I’ve started blogging.  Just like that.  Let’s see what comes of this!



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