Hot off the press


Today was the hottest day in Sydney on record. And we decided to go into the city with our porcelain-skinned child. I think that’s almost a parenting fail.
Actually, it wasn’t that bad. We wound up having a lovely (if slightly fried) day. Our trains were air-conditioned on both journeys which made a tremendous difference.
On the way in we got talking to a mum and daughter who had come to Sydney for the day. It was the young teen’s first visit to the city and she was so excited to see and travel over the Harbour Bridge for the first time. It made me realise it’s easy to take for granted so I snapped this picture on the way home and put it up on instagram.

Then I got a message from an ABC news account asking if they could use my age in their news feed. I said they could. Shortly after I visited the ABC news website and lo and behold…


I was on the front page! It was a collection of tweets and instagram pictures from Sydneysiders about the heat wave and they chose mine to display on the front page.
So very excited. And substantially cooler now the southerly has arrived.

Hope you’re staying cool where you are right now.


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