Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge: about me.

Today marks the start of a new blogging challenge. I’ve signed up for the Zero to Hero: Blogging 101 challenge and I’m very much looking forward to the next month or so. I will be using this challenge to update my blog to better reflect what I post here. This will include a name change, so stay tuned!

Today’s challenge to to write an introductory post for my blog. So here goes.

I’m a thirty-something mum of two boys, Alpha and Zulu*. I initially started this blog to write about the photos I take, but it’s morphed into much more. Now the majority of my writing is about being a mum.

Okay, the vast majority of it.

Alright, every single thing I write is about parenting. I hate to label myself, but this is yet another parenting blog and I am a mummy-blogger.

But I’m okay with that. I’m mostly writing here to help myself deal with some of the challenges my boys throw at me. I hope it connects with other parents (not just mums) and helps them laugh through the chaos. Mostly I do this through my How To posts. Sometimes I do this through the musings of a captain on a space ship. I pretty much don’t write serious stuff.

So, I hope you hang around. It’s a crazy world we’re raising our kids in. I don’t know about you, but I intend to laugh and enjoy as much of it as I can.

* Not their real names.**

** Seriously though, how cool would that be? I’m not that adventurous though.***

*** Besides, no one would look at my youngest and think “wow, Zulu is the perfect name for you with your white blonde hair and alabaster skin.”


3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge: about me.

  1. Thanks for your follow. There is so much “fodder for the writing mill” in Parenting, looking forward to reading more. I’m sure the ability to laugh is the best “secret weapon” a parent can have, at least, it was for me.
    Hope you enjoy your Easter Break.

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