Say G’Day to the Neighbours (Zero to Hero day 11)

Okay, the actual task is to say “hi”.  But I really do say g’day.  So there.  

Today’s task is to get involved with other blogs and make meaningful comments on them.  This is a great task.  It’s forced me to think more about what I write on the blogs – something other than “great post!!”.  It’s also introduced me to some wonderful new blogs.  I can’t wait to spend time reading them.  I found them via the list of bloggers taking part in the Zero to Hero challenge and selected them based on their names.

My first new friend is Bungling Housewife.  Firstly, I love her name!  It’s exactly how I feel most days.  Secondly, her blog is genuinely funny.  This post about smart phones resonated a little too well!

A second blog name that really caught my attention is Crumbs Off The Table.  She has amazing titles for her posts that make me laugh, such as “When I asked if I could get insurance if the local volcano erupted, they assured me I would be covered”.

Next I stumbled upon The Candid Pickle.  She’s just starting out but has written a great post from the perspective of a child with autism.  

Finally, there’s The Chocolate Teapot.  So very very funny.  This post about trying to find a new doctor was something special.


So there you go!  Four blogs with awesome names and some excellent writing to go with it.


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