Glitter Bottles

And now for something completely different…

Today’s Zero to Hero task is to write a post inspired by another blogger. I’ve selected Crumbs Off The Table as my inspiration today.  Most of the posts I’ve read on her blog have fantastic ideas of fun things to do, like this.  I wanted in, so I went looking for something fun to do.

I stumbled upon this fantastic idea – glitter bottles.  I’ve read of people using them as an alternative to doing ‘time outs’ for their kids.  Always keen for new options to help my boys learn to behave, I pretty much leapt on this.

I took Alpha shopping to buy the supplies we needed. Turns out it’s not a brilliant idea to take a toddler with an umbrella into a craft store. We made it out more or less unscathed after Alpha picked the colours he wanted in his bottle (blue glitter glue and purple fine glitter). I also found an appropriate sized bottle. For the record, 16.9 ounces is pretty much 500mL – I really don’t understand the imperial system.

I then decided to wait until the perfect moment to create my Alpha’s glitter bottle. Naturally this turned out to be after 11pm on the last Sunday of the school holidays. Thankfully, there wasn’t too much I could do to get myself in trouble. I’m pretty sure the glitter will wash out of the sink eventually. Check out the link above for the full instructions. I’d only add a couple of hints – rinse the bottle thoroughly after washing with soapy water, and put a piece of paper towel under the bottle while you pour in the glitter.

The results are completely mesmerising. I put the bottle on the window will in front of me while I washed up (I do my best housework after 10pm) and it was so ridiculously calming. I’m not actually sure I want to surrender it to Alpha now.

So there you go. I suspect we’ll need the bottle tomorrow when Daddy is back at work and it’s only me on deck. Would it be weird to say I’m looking forward to my toddler getting in trouble? Is it okay if I put myself in time out so I can watch the glitter bottle?

I have a suspicion I’ll be making a few more of these…


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