Peace and Dinosaurs

“Mumma, tum here and look!”

I followed Alpha to the family room. In front of the lounge lay Zulu, spread-eagled on the floor. A quick automatic check showed he was breathing, so I started walking over, kicking a pile of duplo on the way.

“Shhh, mummy! Zulu is feeping. Be vewwy quiet. Aww, so toot!”

After reprimanding me, Alpha put on a big show of tiptoeing silently over to his slumbering brother. I silently congratulated myself for raising such a sensitive boy – clearly he’ll be a fabulous father one day.

He crouched down in front of Alpha and leaned in as if to gently kiss his face. My heart melted. It was such a peaceful, beautiful moment.

Then I noticed the dinosaur in his hand.

The world seemed to go into slow-motion as I leapt towards my older son – but I was too late.

The T-Rex was stealthily positioned directly in front of Zulu’s face.


Peace gone.

3 thoughts on “Peace and Dinosaurs

  1. Aw, how lucky they are to have a brother… even one who ROARS! Just wait until you have two running around brandishing t-rexs, roaring at each other! Fun times!

    Love your blog’s new look, very streamlined!

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