Toy Tuesday: Ranna-T and Ellie

I often find my son’s toys in odd places. I try to imagine what was going through his mind – did he deliberately position them that way, or is it simply the way they fell when he turned his attention to bigger and better things?

I like to think it’s a little of both.

We’re currently going through a dinosaur phase. I expect it will be over in the next fifteen or so years. I’m currently being schooled in the less famous prehistoric planet-stompers.

A natural progression of this fascination with dinosaurs is our fast-expanding tribe of plastic reptiles. It started – as all good dino collections do – with T-Rex. He prefers to go by Ranna-T Saurus-Rex in our house.


Ranna-T has to regularly reassert his dominance over the other toys. Clearly Ellie was stepping out of line.

I’d love to know what caused this reprimand. Was Ellie getting a little bossy? Perhaps not sharing nicely? Or maybe Ellie was insisting on watching more Sesame Street when Ranna-T desperately needed to see more-more Play School.

I don’t know. But I wish I did.

If you want to see some more dino antics, I highly recommend this post about dinovember and some totally awesome parents with a great sense of fun. I’d love to do this when the boys are older.

I’m hoping to share some pics of what the toys in my home get up to. I may even come up with a witty name like ‘Toy Tuesday’.

Okay, that’s not all that witty. But you get what I mean.

Any other ideas what Ranna-T and Ellie were arguing about?


15 thoughts on “Toy Tuesday: Ranna-T and Ellie

  1. Well, my son recently hid my chocolate in weird places around the house. I was not too happy about that. 🙂 And I’ve thought about starting a blog or tumblr or something just for the toys I find in my bed at the end of the day.

  2. Rachel says:

    I also think the same thing. My boy mr 4 seems to have enjoyment over placing hard toys under my pillow, in which I would complain over every morning, is response was, I out them their incase you need a cuddle in bed.

  3. Well it is sometimes quite interesting that amidst all the mess they still remember where their things/toys are! Lil Miss 3 brought home a donut from GC earlier in the year when we went on hols – that donut lived in her Dora bag for a week! A week after our hols she said to me mummy let’s have donut! I’m like where? That was how we found it!

  4. Perhaps they aren’t fighting at all? Maybe Ellie is giving T-Rex a boost so he can reach something? Of course, given his short arms, they may have to re-think their strategy. Perhaps he should boost her up…. They should give it some more thought.

    I have two daughters, so we are the land of discarded dollies over here – but yes, I’ve found some in interesting places!

    • It’s lovely to think they’re cooperating, but you’re right – it needs a little more planning!
      I’m sure dollies are equally capable of wreaking havoc – perhaps even more so. It’s always the quiet ones you need to watch…

  5. I love the fact that their imagination is so vivid that it leads to potential confrontation and disputes. Wouldn’t be great to get inside their minds to find out what is really going on?

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