Perfect Match

I thought I should give you an update on my friend Glooking-Mass Lama. She’s managed to stem the tide of pink invading her home – she’s even successfully purchased a few non-pink items – but I think she knows resistance is ultimately futile.  Unfortunately, that is not the end of her wardrobe woes.

It was brought to her attention the other morning that she’d dressed her sons in matching clothes. Not identical – just matching. Denim overalls or jeans and a red top.

That wasn’t really so bad.

But then she caught a glimpse of her own outfit. Yup, red top and jeans.

Again, really not that big an issue.

Except that it was the third time that week. And it was only Wednesday.

I’ve tried to reassure her that it happens to most mums. Quite frankly, it’s amazing any sleep-deprived parent can dress themselves, let alone another human being (not that I accidentally put Zulu’s coverall on upside down the other day).  It’s hardly a surprise she winds up selecting the same colours.

She has now started to deliberately choose very different outfits, but even that backfired – today recently she managed to avoid colour-coordinated outfits completely. The sense of achievement she felt was probably not as great as the one she felt when her babies were born, but it wasn’t that far off.

Then she realised they were all wearing striped tops.

I fear there is only one way she can be sure that she will avoid matching either of her sons.

I just don’t want to be the one to tell her she needs to wear more pink.


5 thoughts on “Perfect Match

  1. I am the anti -GML, then !

    I intentionally dress my boys the same, I think it’s cute and a bit retro.

    And I wear a lot of pink! Gotta keep the balance right in the world 😉

  2. Jemma Jones says:

    Congrats on completing Blogging 101 with me and the rest of the Class of 2014! What an amazing journey we have all been on! I look forward to read more on your blog!

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