Sleep Well

I went in to check on the boys tonight before bed and made two surprising discoveries.

1. I found Alpha asleep on the ground perpendicular to the bed.
2. Zulu had been sleeping on Alpha’s bicycle bell.

I honestly can’t totally explain either of those. We recently moved Alpha into a big boy bed after I caught him coaching himself out of bed (leg up over the rail, saying “tarefully…tarefully”). He’s fallen out twice, so we’ve resorted to this high-tech solution which has worked well, so this was a surprise.

But I don’t actually know if he fell out of bed. It looks more like he climbed out of bed and snuggled into the floor.

Which is kinda weird. So maybe he did roll out of bed. I have no idea. Anyway, he’s safely back in bed and barely woke when his daddy tucked him back in.

And then there was Zulu.

He demanded I pick him up (it had been forever since I’d last fed him), which was when I realised he’d been sleeping very deeply draped over a plastic bicycle bell.

I know how the bell got there – as soon as I saw it I remembered Alpha complaining about dropping it in his brother’s cot. What I find bemusing is the fact that (a) I lay him down on top of it, and (b) he didn’t move away from it.

Okay, (a) may not be that surprising. But (b)? That’s nothing short of a miracle. My kids do not lie still when they sleep.

Unless they’re lying on bicycle bells, apparently.

So, I’ve learned two things today.

1. My boys can really sleep just about anywhere…and
2. They’re weird.


13 thoughts on “Sleep Well

  1. We recently switched my son from his crib to a “big boy bed” (aka we just took the rail off his crib so it was a toddler bed). He wasn’t doing well with it, and soon demanded we make a “bed” on the floor out of blankets and pillows. He’s been sleeping there for about a month or so. I fell asleep there with him today. Haha.

      • My son typically doesn’t allow it — we’ve only fallen asleep together a handful of times since he was about 9 months old. Unless he’s reeeallly tired (or I’m reeeallly tired, fall asleep first and he gets bored and joins me), he gets too excited that someone is with him and will stay up talking and poking me in the eye. Haha.

        When we fell asleep together the other day, however, we went down fine but he woke up about an hour before I did. My boyfriend came home to him wreaking havoc on the house and me passed out with my feet sticking out of the tent surrounding my son’s “bed”. Haha!

  2. When the twins were little they were both asleep in my bed. One fell out but carried on sleeping soundly. The other woke up at the moment of impact and started to howl. Now THAT’S weird sleeping.

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