Good medicine

We had a medical emergency today.

Thankfully, we just happened to be seeing our doctor at the time, so we were able to receive prompt treatment.

We’d just finished and were about to leave when Alpha suddenly screamed “STOP!!” and burst into tears.

As any concerned parent would, I flew to my son’s aid. It took a few moments to get him to calm down before he spoke.

“My need see doctor.”

This is where being a nurse is a help and a hindrance. While any number of ailments from viral meningitis to pathological fractures raced irrationally through my brain, I calmly asked him what was wrong. In between sobs, he delivered the worst possible news.

“My tail rotor is broken!!”

Amazingly, it turns out that our GP is the leading expert in toddler-helicopter illnesses and injuries and was able to assess the damage immediately.

After a thorough examination, he informed us that with rest, Alpha’s tail rotor will be fine.

Crisis over, we left; reassured and exceedingly grateful for our fabulous GP and his superior care.

Perfection Pending

4 thoughts on “Good medicine

  1. Fab Dr, don’t lose him. i also have problems with my tail rotor, unfortunately mine is just due to old age. Glad the mechanic (oops, Dr) could fix the problem.
    This made me smile so much, bless him. 🙂

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