Come Back Baby

I can’t deny it for much longer – Zulu isn’t a little baby anymore.

Yes, he’s moving through lots of milestones that help parents realise their little ones are growing up – he’s eating “solids”, learned to roll, sit and commando crawl, cutting fangs teeth – all the normal developmental stuff.

I can handle all that – and I’m totally not in denial. Shush.

No, the hardest thing I’ve found so far was after a feed yesterday. Zulu looked around the room, turned himself over and slid off my lap before commando crawling off to play.

That was the moment my heart simultaneously broke in two and burst with pride. I’m no longer his entire universe – although I selfishly hope I remain the centre for a bit longer. He’s now interested in exploring and playing and doing things – specifically little boy things just like his brothers.

I now have two little boys wanting to interact with the world on their own terms and assert their independence. I’m sure they’ll be best of enemies and worst of friends. Or something like that. Here’s where the real fun starts!

Thankfully, we get to the end of the day and my babies are back. I don’t mind if I don’t sleep through when that means I get to spend time with my babies just being babies. Zulu is potentially our last, so who knows if I’ll experience this again?

Grow up, my babies – just not too quickly.

3 thoughts on “Come Back Baby

  1. My daughter is 18 months old and I am shocked how much she’s grown up even in the past 2 weeks. She’s a little girl now… not a baby. I miss the baby time, but love this age too. I would be happy to keep her this age forever 🙂

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