Toy Tuesday: you’re so vain

Well, the toys seem to be a little more at home now and are definitely letting their hair down. Leading the charge in all this, of course, is Ranna-T.

With other dinosaurs around, Ranna-T needs to keep an eye out for any new wrinkles.

Just kidding.

He’s not that vain – he’s just checking there’s nothing caught in his teeth.

Not entirely sure what he’d be able to do about it if there was something there…

20140603-193535-70535212.jpg Even apex predators need a hug sometimes.

20140603-193946-70786977.jpg It turns out even the most sensible bear needs to let his hair down and get his bling on every once in a while.

I have no idea about the colander. Space ship? Poor choices the previous evening? Deluxe spa treatment? I couldn’t get him to talk.

Some of the local toys are becoming more adventurous too…particularly this helicopter with a penchant for peculiar landing spots.
Oh, the things I could say here…but I’ll restrain myself.
I will say that this is the first time one of my bras has been used as a helipad.

Let’s just leave it there, shall we?
20140603-195342-71622139.jpgBefore you ask, we haven’t started toilet training yet.

I thought I’d leave the final word to a pair I spotted in a waiting room this week. I suspect an adult arranged them, but it still made me smile.
Awwww…so much fluff.


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