Mummy Pig

Let me start off this post by saying that I love Peppa Pig.

Okay, “love” is perhaps an inadequate description. We are devotees of The Pig. She really does make my life easier. I’ve previously mentioned how much I can achieve in five minutes with her help.

But despite my deep appreciation of all things Peppa, there is such a thing as too much. I think we may have reached the limit today – two sick kids and a toddler who has just worked out how to operate the blu-ray player means we were exposed to previously unmatched levels of Her Porcineness.

This level of immersion combined with a few days of challenging parenting left me longing for the episode all parents want to see – when Mummy Pig loses her nana at Peppa and sends her to her room without dinner.

Seriously though, Mummy Pig is like some amazing cloud of serenity when it comes to dealing with her cheeky, headstrong daughter. I would be losing it on a daily basis (as opposed to what I do now…ahem…) if my piglet child pulled some of the stuff Peppa does.

For example…

Daddy Pig hangs out the washing. Peppa and George splash mud on the clean white washing. Mummy doesn’t bat an eyelid and simply puts the load back in the machine. While Mummy isn’t watching, Peppa adds her red dress, turning the load of whites pink.
Mummy sighs and wonders what they’ll tell Daddy Pig.

SERIOUSLY?! Am I the only one that would have chucked a tanty myself? C’mon, Mummy Pig, cut a fellow mother a break!

Okay, a tantrum over the laundry might be a little extreme (who am I kidding? Of course it isn’t!) but I confess I find it hard to live up to Mummy Pig’s calm demeanour everyday. I can’t be the serene mother happily accepting everything life throws at me without serious medication.

I need to know she’s human. Or a pig. Or something.

I just need to know she fails at being the mummy sometimes so I don’t feel like a cartoon pig is a better parent than I am.

Anything you’d like to see happen in Peppa?


9 thoughts on “Mummy Pig

  1. Ugh I HATE Peppa Pig. I mean, my son loves it and watches it constantly (though I am SO glad it’s not On Demand), but that Peppa is, well, I don’t feel comfortable calling her the word in my head, because even though she’s a cartoon pig, she’s still a child (or something). And her parents? WHAT PARENTS LET THEIR CHILD GET AWAY WITH ALL THAT CRAP?

    I’m sorry I’m going a little overboard. But I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and am SO glad you posted this. I think Daddy Pig infuriates me more, though, because he STARTS to get peeved, and then Peppa does something even WORSE and he just falls over laughing.

    Maybe that’s why my son has been acting so horrible lately.

    • Yep, they aren’t the best role models for parenting! I still love the show, but part of true love is recognising each other’s faults, right? I am wondering a little bit about how this (and Ben and Holly) are impacting my son’s behaviour…

      • I thought the same thing the other day. Now I’m convinced it’s not the “Terrible Twos” or the “Traumatic Threes” he’s going through, it’s the “Unprincipled Peppa Phase.”

  2. Oh Oh AND — is her name PeppA, or PeppER? Because different characters say it different ways. (I mean obviously it’s spelled with an A, but then why do some say ER?”


  3. Up there with my favourite episodes is Pancakes, where Mummy Pig gets all
    passive-aggressive on Daddy Pig’s arse when he thinks he can toss a better pancake.
    ‘You’re not throwing it hard enough,’ says Daddy Pig.
    ‘Well, YOU can show us how it should be done when it’s YOUR turn,’ smiles Mummy Pig through gritted teeth.
    Needless to say Daddy Pig cocks it up and gets the pancake stuck to the ceiling.
    I’d quite like to see the episode ‘Mummy Pig Snaps’, followed by ‘Daddy Pig Sleeps at Uncle Pig’s House’ and ‘Solicitors’. 😉

  4. Peppa is our saviour too. And nope, I haven’t got mummy pig’s patience always either. I did potentially see the washing episode twice yesterday…

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