No Smurfs Allowed

I was shocked the other day to discover a toy store selling a play mat that advertised itself as being ‘anti-smurf’.

It disappointed me.

I have no idea what they have against smurfs. I get that they were kinda odd, but quite frankly this sort of behaviour struck me as incredibly blue-ist.

I was on the verge of marching up to the counter and demanding an explanation from the scared-looking teenage boy when I took a second look at the cover.

Smudge. Anti-smudge play mat.

So you can all feel free to invite the local smurfs around to play.

Just don’t invite any smudges.


4 thoughts on “No Smurfs Allowed

  1. mikiren says:

    oh my gosh, i have that kind of moment all the time!! in a fit of sleep-deprivation, i read ‘product catalogue’ as ‘peter ribcage’. it’s nice to know i’m not the only one, haha!

  2. Marvellous!
    I’m sure I got all affronted about something similar the other day, but my early-onset Alzheimer’s and the fact that I’ve since slept means that I’ve completely forgotten what had me spitting coffee over myself.

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