Special Donations

Packing sucks.

Anyway, I’ve got that out of my system now.

Because I have only moved once as an adult, I scoured the internet for moving tips. One of the most consistent themes was don’t move anything you don’t have to – in other words, cull. I’ve taken that advice – tomorrow we’re taking a big load of stuff to the Salvos.

I’ve taken my donations a bit further this time after finding two great organisations.

Firstly, I came across Uplift. This is a fantastic group that sends new and donated bras to disadvantaged communities where bras are hard to get. I had a number of nursing bras that I’m done with (don’t worry, still breastfeeding!) so I’ve packaged them up to send off tomorrow. Not hard for me to do, and it is unbelievably valuable for these women.

The second one is an organisation that only started this year, but has garnered a fair bit of attention – Angel Gowns. The amazing people behind this idea take donated wedding dresses and turn them into tiny angel gowns for stillborn babies.

I loved this idea the moment I heard of it, but it’s taken me a number of months to come around to it. I’m sentimental and I love my dress. But I know that I will never wear it again. I will remember it the way it was on my wedding day, rather than the way it is now – stuffed in the back of my wardrobe.
Sure, I could keep it in hope of handing it on to someone else – but really, who? I have two sons. I may never have a daughter. Besides, how many girls wear a borrowed/handed-down dress? Shopping for the perfect dress is a major part of the excitement of wedding planning for many brides.

So I’ve decided the time has come. It isn’t an easy decision, but I’m going to do it. My dress will help other families through one of the darkest moments of their lives.

Okay, enough delaying. I need to get back to packing.

The Week of Lasts

Sorry I haven’t been around much recently. I’ve been a little busy. We decided to take our lovely cosy, ordered life and turn it upside down…

…and pack it into boxes and move to the other side of our suburb.

It’s so incredibly exciting – we’re going into a BIG house with a backyard. The kitchen is twice the size of our current one. I can’t wait.

It’s so incredibly terrifying – we moved in over seven years ago as newlywed a and are moving out a family of four. We have so much stuff to pack and so little time. I can’t do this.

Yes, I can. I just don’t know how sane I’ll be at the end of the week.

So this is our week of lasts.
The last Monday coffee with friends before we move.
The last lazy Saturday sleep in.
The last church service.
The last meal in our first home.
The last night sleeping here.
The last time I have to drag two kids and groceries up to the third floor with a full bladder.
The last time I hang our washing on the balcony.
The last time I run out of hot water halfway through washing my hair.

I just have to get through this week. All offers of coffee and chocolate gladly accepted.