Don’t worry, be happy…

Did I catch you singing?


Recently I’ve seen a number of my friends post pics with tags like #100happydays and #100daysofhappiness. It made me mildly curious, but I didn’t pursue it any further.

Then I came across this post by Holly Connors over at Simplify.Create.Inspire and I got a little more intrigued.

So then I asked the source of all wisdom Google what the deal is and I finally found my way to 100 Happy Days. It turns out this is designed to be a personal photography challenge to capture one happy moment a day. It’s not a popularity contest which is good because they never really make anyone happy anyway. It’s about slowing down and enjoying these moments.

This really appealed to me, because quite frankly, being a mum is making me realise how quickly time passes. Alpha is about to go into a big boy bed, and Zulu is on the verge of crawling. I have no idea how that even happened because I’m pretty darn sure they were born yesterday. Both of them. Although that’s totally impossible because I didn’t Instagram it.


The point is, I want to find some happiness in each day and make sure I recognise and appreciate it. This seems like a great way to encourage a grateful, joyful heart.


I’ll be posting my pics on Instagram. There are three ways you can see the photos.
1. Find me on Instagram as lookingglassmama.
2. Come visit everyday and check out the photo on my Instagram feed widget thingummy.
3. Keep reading here. I’ll do a summary every ten days and put all the photos together.

Finally, I’m challenging myself to avoid using photos of myself or baby animals. Why? Firstly it’s to avoid putting my kids on the internet too much. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s them.
Secondly, it’d just be too darn easy to pick a photo of my boys each day. I want to stretch myself and choose to find joy in other places.

So there you go…and now I’d better go, because I’m obviously pretty exhausted. I started writing about salmon cakes needing a massage before.