The Blue Fork is missing.

Okay, so that was probably a little dramatic. And perhaps a touch cryptic. I’m not talking about some hipster band or a beloved stuffed toy – no, that would be an absolute crisis (talking about a lost toy going missing, I mean…the only bands I follow avidly these days are The Wiggles and Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band. Definitely not hipster.)

I’m talking about an actual fork. A blue plastic fork. I realise the capital letters may have confused you. The thing is, this particular piece of cutlery is so beloved that it’s like it’s part of the family. We’ve even given it an affectionate pet name – the Blue Fork (didn’t see that coming, hey?.

Anyway, it’s missing. Completely gone. Vanished. We haven’t seen it all year (I love doing that in January!). We really have searched high and low. I’m not far from making posters advertising a large reward. Okay, maybe just a medium one…erring on the smaller side. I might be willing to surrender the last Tim Tam to go with a gratefully made cup of coffee (it’s all in the wrist).

See, Alpha loves blue. Currently, he will not consume a morsel of food if it is not lovingly presented on a blue plate/bowl/tarpaulin to be delicately enjoyed with the finest blue cutlery Mummy could buy ($2 for an 18-piece rainbow set from IKEA). Mealtimes have been a battle all year (see? It’s fun!) because there is No Blue Fork. My poor neglected child has been forced to use the orange fork. Side note: my iPad desperately tried to make me capitalise orange fork, but I couldn’t let it – we really just don’t love it enough.

So now we have a conundrum. Do I try and plan meals that do not require the use of a fork for the foreseeable future? Or do I brave a trip to IKEA in the school holidays?

I know what you’re thinking – it’s a close call.

Anyway, happy 2015! If you need me, I’ll be in the corner in the foetal position.


Total first world problem…

I just had the following conversation with my husband…

Me: I need you to get an antenna for the TV – the foxtel isn’t working again.
Husband: That’s okay, we can just watch it on the computer.
Me: We can’t get ABC2 on the computer.
Husband: So?
Me: I don’t think you heard me correctly. We can’t get ABC2. Possibly until Monday.

I don’t know whether it was concern for his wife’s sanity or the thought of being in charge on Sunday arvo with no respite while I’m at work (probably a bit of both) but bless his cotton socks, he arrived home 30 minutes later with an antenna. He even got it working straight away.

Best. Husband. Ever.

Toy Tuesday: Red Glider goes into hiding

Well, who would have thought that a dinosaur menacing an elephant would be popular? Thanks so much for the likes, comments, and even shares! It’s very much appreciated.

The toys have had a busy week. I’ve decided to show you all of the shenanigans I’ve captured, because I can’t choose just one.

I was surprised to discover that plane was on the menu this week…

I think this is actually a secret hiding spot. Not for something as childish as hide-and-seek. Oh, no no no. Red Glider has been out on a secret spy mission. Unfortunately he was identified by his nemesis, Blue Jet (not pictured), so he’s lying low for a few days

And what exactly is Red Glider’s mission, I hear you ask?

I’m so glad you asked.

He was sent to learn more about a modern world filled with dinosaurs.

Clearly, the prehistoric crew aren’t intimidated by technology. Far from it – Tricy has resorted to growling at all who dare to even look in the direction of his remote. This isn’t a territorial thing. Tricy is determined to get through his tv programme tonight regardless of what happens, so he has resolved to deny access to all channel surfers.

I have a suspicion I know who the main culprit is for the channel surfing.

You guessed it.


Ranna-T is doing his best to stop Pengin from seizing the remote and doing something he regrets.

Sadly, Ranna T is a pretty bad enforcer. It’s not easy when your arms are so short.

…or is he being a bully again and insisting Pengin surrender all ?

These last two are technically cheating because I was the one putting Ranna-T down in these ones. But seriously, they really made me laugh.

Because T-Rex bums are really happening in Paris this season.

Then things…progressed.

I just don’t know where to begin with this one. What on earth is Ranna-T after? Is he searching for Red Glider’s hiding spot? Has he lost his car keys? Can he even reach the steering wheel? Or is he just trying to work more more pink into his wardrobe?

Over to you – what are the toys really up to?

Perfection Pending