…I do so hope this is Zulu’s first word. Alpha went with dad-dad-da – it’s only fair I get one, right? Right?


It’s Mother’s Day – the annual day of carnations, soggy toast in bed and “sleep-ins”. I thought I’d share some great posts about it that I’ve found in my travels because I’m planning on being far too busy relaxing to write anything.

Firstly – and most importantly – not everyone celebrates on Mother’s Day. For some, it it like Hallmark Valentine’s Day when you’re single – it hurts every year and always will. This beautiful post from The Peacock Quill puts it far more eloquently than I can.

Along a similar line is Perfection Pending with this post. I really love that this challenges mums to keep an eye on their expectations.

Just to lighten things a little – here’s an older post from Illustrated With Crappy Pictures. It’s all true. All of it. Although I’d kind of like the trinkets too. 🙂

Then there’s this post from The Ugly Volvo – all she wants for Mother’s Day is for her husband to experience labor. I particularly love that the focus isn’t on punishing her husband – it’s simply about helping him fully comprehend what she’s been through.

Another favourite blog of mine is Cake Wrecks. This page is very often hysterically funny, and this post about Mother’s Day cakes is no exception. For the record, it’s not always a great idea to read this page while you’re eating…

And finally, a very special post from one of my new favourite blogs, The Honest Toddler. I just so happened to be chopping onions when I read it. Darn things made me tear up.*

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Enjoy your day today, regardless of how/if you celebrate!

* No onions were harmed in the writing of this blog.